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unmistakably av digital

variodyn D1

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av digital

project lead:

rudolf greger

design team:

rudolf greger,

philipp haselwander

av digital developed a new digital announcement system and wanted GP to make it distinctive, easy recognizable, and clearly differentiated from the competitors appliances.

project goals

  • front panels which look typical av digital
  • all components should be of the same visual family
  • an optimised ratio of production costs to product appearance
  • add corporate design for a better presence in the market

what we did and how we did:
the story of a new frontpanel-design

we decided to build a strong connection to the branding appearance.


av digital brochure the av digital logo

nearly all visual communication is divided in two pieces, one white with the logo, the other greyish; i.e. the website, the corporate brochure.


horizontal graphic

that's why we started with a graphically horizontal splitting of the front panel using white and grey.


horizontal graphic horizontal graphic horizontal graphic horizontal graphic

because most of the competitors are using black anodized or painted panels, the bright av digital panel will stand out.


ventilation slits ventilation slits ventilation slits

but there are problems with contrast.

it doesn't look so nice with this black slits for air ventilation, with a high contrast between panel and plugs and switches. also there is a very low contrast between glowing leds and this light grey panel.


ventilation slits ventilation slits ventilation slits

on a dark panel the contrasts are low between air ventilation slits or plugs and the panel, and the contrasts are high between glowing leds and the panel.


ventilation slits

ok, next we connected this with the graphically horizontal splitting and add the av digital logo on the right side.

looks ok. but ...


ventilation slits ventilation slits ventilation slits ventilation slits ventilation slits

... if there are more than one device mounted into the 19" rack, and certainly there will be more than one device in one rack, the appearance is somehow irritating, it looks turbulent, vibrating — that was not our intent.


ventilation slits

so we changed the splitting from horizontal to vertical.


ventilation slits ventilation slits ventilation slits

by putting more devices together they will form a block and therefore ...


horizontal graphic horizontal graphic ventilation slits ventilation slits ventilation slits horizontal graphic

... will clearly contrast to the other devices in the 19" rack. you can easily recognize the av digital components.


next, we developed a general grid system to align all leds of similar meaning, even if they were on different components. i.e. the ON led in the same position on all components which makes it very easy to check if all systems are on; same for error and all the other control leds.

horizontal graphic


horizontal graphic

in the end we achieved a design which fits the brand, strengthens its appearance and boosts identification of av digital systems in switching cabinets within the target group.


horizontal graphic

secondly, the systematic design of the layout led to a consistent system for the different control displays on the individual components. an orderly view of control lamps within the cabinet, independent of the actual av digital equipment was achieved. this adds to the reading and operating reliability. a clear interface, this time without an screen.

wolfgang zelenka, research & development manager, av digital »a new product emerges. many parameters like dimensions, materials used, and costs highly narrow the possibilities of visual design and creation. GP is transposing the visual message clearly and precisely in the product. to join the technical and the economical requirements with the creativity in design to form a self-contained brand is one of the great strength of GP.«

wolfgang zelenka

research & development manager

av digital