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twinline: to shower and to bathe


shower & bathtub all in one


artweger gmbh & co

project lead:

christoph pauschitz

design team:

lukasz bertoli,

christoph pauschitz,

christian rukower

bio20'06 award adolf loos staatspreis design 2007 award

80% of all bathrooms are smaller than 6m2. that means: 80% of all households have to decide if they want to take a shower by standing in their bathtubs or waive the relaxing full bath. artweger is engaged to the small bathroom for many years. but now artweger succeeded the technological difficulties and GP got commissioned to put it into best shape. the outcome: the world innovation, artwegers twinline.

for real showers and real bathing.

closeup of the shower area because of the fact that so many bathrooms are so small our main issue was to give the customers the opportunity for a real shower and allow them to have a full bath, too. a real shower means: one don't have to climb over the edge of the bathtub. it means to open a door, step onto a splendid, flat surface — known as the shower stall. twinline allows exactly that behavior. it has a door made of security glass. and a spacious shower area.

artweger twinline 170 single

artweger twinline 180 comfort but wait, there is even more functionality built into the shower area. we incorporated a seat made of pu-foam, soft and eudermic. finally one can sit and shower and slowly wake up.

twinline is also increasing security: now it is possible to clean your feet without the need to balancing on one foot.

detail of the handle detail of the pushbutton detail of the rotary sealing

once the latch of the door is engaged the user pushes one button to shut the drain which is done by an electric motor. when water level is raised more than 2cm the latch of the door is blocked. by this means it is impossible to open the door unintended when water is in the tub.

the door is released again if the water level sinks bellow 2cm, thus after the water is taken out.

the seal of the door is very wide, likewise the seal of a washing machine. it is inside, the doors opens to the inside, so that the water itself presses to the seal, too. absolutely tight.

now, twinline is ready for a relaxing full bath, alone or with the children.

artweger twinline 180 family

detail of the headrest support and it's easy to clean to even improve convenience we were able to integrate a soft headrest into the bathtub.

both cushions, the headrest and the seat, can easily be detached for cleaning.

wolfgang zierler, head of product development, artweger gmbh & co »no doubt: twinline was the most thrilling of all projects artweger ever realised together with GP designpartners.

all the professionalism of GP designpartners was fully required in that project. nothing was left to chance. as it was impossible to simulate the comfort when lying in the bathtub as well as the convenience to get in and out of the bathtub on the computer, they built a 1:1 scale mock-up to optimise the shape of the bathtub.

but the crucial factor was the perfect cooperation of all project teams involved. the daily data interchange and the ongoing optimisation was leading to an outstanding, distinctive product with huge customer benefits.

for artweger the search for other successful products goes on. we are convinced that together with GP designpartners we will create them.«

wolfgang zierler

head of product development

artweger gmbh & co

twinline in use

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size 2.3mb, duration 2'23, codec h.264/aac

twinline on air

twinline on tv let rudolf greger explain you the advantages & idiosyncrasies of twinline on the austrian tv-series »willkommen österreich«