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star — convertible hollywood-style hooded swing


convertible hollywood-style hooded swing



project lead:

christoph pauschitz

design team:

christoph pauschitz,

christian rukower

spoga 2004 award

in 2002 GP presented a new design of a hollywood-style swing, for the garden and leisure time. in 2003, the acamp »star« won the innovations prize at the spoga garden and leisure time convention in cologne. finally, in 2004, the swing was presented to an enthusiastic public, who gave it great reviews. one customer said, »in my perception, acamp is clearly more modern than before. i think this hollywood couch is absolutely fantastic.« this product will be sold through building supply stores, and by harrods department stores at a competitive price.

acamp needed a hollywood couch made for the building supply market, which would be affordable. a swing that would lie flat. earlier such a swing was only made in the far east, however acamp will have its work produced here in the middle of europe, with its own industry. the challenge is this; to have a product design with strong character, while keeping the possiblities open of an adjustable price.

the story of our innovation

star as a couch

how can one take a product, meant to be distributed through the building supply market, and innovate it?

first of all GP studied how one would find such a product in this market, and how one would spend time in assembling the actual swing. then GP talked with the consumers, distributors and the internal design team. finally there was an extensive briefing with the distributors about the channel of distribution, and the production possibilities. the goal was to make a hollywood couch with a flat lying function, while keeping the manufacturing costs low, and affordable to the consumers. it was also important to have the swing produced here in the middle of europe, and for it to be stable, comfortable and inviting as it looks, and to stand out as a distinct product.

the idea: the rattan beach chairs of the north sea

the afterthought and inspiration was the rattan beach chairs of the north sea. the imitation of this comfort should be within reach; loosely interpreted as the hollywood-style swing. the swing makes it possible to target individual privacy while radiating pure comfort. it is not just a provider of shade, but specifically protects your sight. the rattan beach chairs of the north sea set the target to shoot for, and this product is living in proof of a new interpretation.

GP developed more technical concepts, so the formula is not only relevent, but first rate, which included all the available production techniques, combined with the lowest construction costs possible. three alternatives were worked out and evaluated by acamp to illustrate certain technical abilities; kangaroo, wheel and star.

the design details of the star variation

adjustable canopy

in the technical discussion, the star was identified as the favourite. the star consists of a central star form intersection holds three identical tube frames together.

the traditional canopy form went through a modern transformation, giving the swing a harmonic unity. the new canopy overcomes certain disadvantages that have not been adressed with until now.

first; rain water cannot collect on top of the canopy, and later spill onto the user of the swing. second; when the swing ist used as a lounge for a sun bath, the canopy can be simply moved back and put into a parallel position.

first model in many models the functionalibility was tested and proved and the optic was adjusted.

on the road to this revolution, the idea of the star form as the central base, was thrown out. mainly, because assembly could not be promised to be sage, while the majority of the responsibility of putting it together correctly relies on the customer. when the star connector is not properly screwed together, the bow would not be stable enough to hold the swing together. the swing in the best case would not function, and in the worse case; break apart.

star explosion GP decided therefore to do a stick version with different parts.

therefore, we have on one hand a simple safe assembly, for all the parts are different, and cannot be put together incorrectly (in any case, one would see the mistake immediatly.) and on the second hand, it would provide a very stable (sturdy) swing guaranteed. a swing that includes a long pole that becomes bound together with another, has to naturally pass a two paged long test. the sufficient corner sturdiness that comes with this particular construction, is strived for in this affordable range, and is untouchable by any competitor.

the acamp's »star« model has the frame in the middle divided into separate parts, whereas the corner element is one bent piece. therefore, the swing obtains a distinct higher stability.

how do we say this: the pieces are in simple order, so the assembly can be completed in half an hour's time.

moveable tables & pockets so the comfort doesn't come up on the short end, a few other details are found on the swing: such as moveable tables, and a pocket to hold your newspaper, knitting, or other utensils you would like to have nearby. therefore, heightening your leisure experience.

prospectus with the presentation of this distinct product, the garden furniture market will be complete. a swing with simple assembly, high stability, and the abiltity to be used as a lounge, complete with sun protection and privacy, is a fresh new innovating product.

mag. günter schwarzlmüller, head of marketing & product development, acamp »our co-operation with GP was mutually fruitful right from the start. GP understands our market and what motivates our customers. the success of this co-operation so far is ample evidence for a great future together.

mag. günter schwarzlmüller

head of marketing & product development


2006: a swing for the acatop-family!

the convertible star-swing (bench or bed) has triggered an additional model. like the traditional hooded garden-swing — featuring a straightforward swinging bench. like the dining-chairs of the acatop-range covered in hard wearing textile mesh. it comes not only in smart black/silver but also in a fresh orange/silver version.

swing acatop


cha|rac|ter pro|duct: a product which is clearly distinguishable from familiar products of the competitors. a character product is easily recognizable due to its character. as such it is unambiguously associated with the manufacturer and the brand. character products do have characteristics and charm. they stand out in the market, develop new markets. they are loved. they are the winners of tomorrow.

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