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schönberg, webern, berg

schönberg, webern, berg

multichannel speaker system


vienna acoustics

project lead:

christoph pauschitz

design team:

christoph pauschitz,

christian rukower,

christian stanek

the schoenberg-concept is for high-end-connoisseurs living in a modern environment, keen on highest sound quality produced by an elegant/compact speaker. schoenberg meets home-theatre-needs and the trend towards flat wall-mounted plasma tv-screens. schoenberg can be operated as classic hi-fi- or multi-channel-system.

closeup of berg

schoenberg is a series of wall-speakers. definitely for actual wall-mounting and also to be set up closely against the wall. the elliptically shaped cross-section is designed to make the speaker look as slim as possible, when viewed from the sides. the curved shape also supports utmost sound-performance, because roundness fights the danger of standing waves in the cabinet.

schönberg webern

especially in case of small cabinets only the most rigid materials guarantee highest sound-performance of a speaker. therefore aluminium and mdf were used on the cabinets. 5mm thick aluminium plates are space saving and rigid.

multi-channel-systems require at least 3 different types and sizes of speakers, depending if they are used as front-, rear- or center-speakers. extrusion-technology proved most efficient for manufacturing of different lengths of the main shells. both: for economical and design-reasons. also the schoenberg-subwoofer incorporates the extruded shells.

mag. renate köberl, managing director, vienna acoustics »in the high-end music equipment market over emphasizing stylish design is often regarded as a threat to authenticity. we are also convinced that the natural sound quality has the highest priority for all vienna acoustics products.

the GP designers applied great sensitivity whilst working on designs for our speakers, whilst taking care not to threaten our core priority. with this in mind, they created designs with utmost authenticity.«

mag. renate köberl

managing director

vienna acoustics

if design award winner 2003 & staatspreis nominierung


the wall-mounting-device especially is very space-saving. the speaker can be angled and locked . the elliptical shape makes sure that every possible position looks perfectly sound viewed against the wall. the elliptical shape — kind of — rolls along the surface of the wall, when swivelled from position to position.


detached grills usually reveal grill-mounting-devices on the front of the speaker, this indicates: something's missing, and impairs the pure looks. with schoenberg the top and the bottom rim of the front plate serve as snap-profiles for the grill, without any further grill-fastening necessary. so the grills — once detached — do not reveal connection-marks.

functional slot

the terminal — say set of plugs — is mounted in a functional slot on the slim side of the speaker. therefore cables and plugs do not interfere with the position of the speaker close to the wall.

closeup of the plugs closeup of the tweeter

the tweeter-wing

the very compact neodymium-tweeter is kind of detached from the main-cabinet and mounted on the wing-end of the back-plate.

watch the movie

schoenberg on tv let rudolf greger explain you the advantages & idiosyncrasies of schoenberg, berg & webern on the austrian tv-series »willkommen österreich«

the members of the schoenberg-family are designed to serve as left or right type of speaker equally (the speakers can be turned upside down). they can be used either wall-mounted or be set up on the floor or a shelf by simply adding the foot-base. this can be easily changed, whenever the user likes to. the medium sized speaker also serves as a center-speaker. the concept of using the same model for different positions (for example in a multi-channnel-set) is a very economic way to cut costs and also to give the user the freedom of changing or extending the sound-system.

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