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inline — entry level shower enclosure


entry level shower enclosure


artweger gmbh & co

project lead:

rudolf greger

design team:

rudolf greger,

christoph pauschitz,

gernot puschner,

christian stanek

designplus award
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bruno diesenreiter, ceo, artweger gmbh & co »throughout the past six years of our co-operation, GP has continued to refine their deep understanding of our marketplace. GP supports us in creating distinctly unmistakable and truly distinctive artweger-products for the modern bathroom. we appreciate their thoughtful ideas, which they not only aim at single projects, but they also navigate towards the future in their perception of overall concepts and distinct design strategies. building on this we can mutually develop our ideas to a higher level. through our experience with them has taught us, that their slogan 'design is our life' really is crisp and true.«

bruno diesenreiter


artweger gmbh & co