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havanna — fresh. chill. lounge.


wicker furniture series



project lead:

christoph pauschitz

design team:

lukasz bertoli,

chris butcher,

aleix inglès elias,

christian rukower

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bring the caribbean style into your garden, the smell of acacias, the scent of the sea. take a seat in the havanna lounge chair and sip on your mojito while you feel a warm breeze touching your skin, and unwind after a successful day — and there they are, your memories of the most beautiful days of the year, of the experiences at the beach, the conversations at the pool, the shindigs and the hot nights.

havanna is a series of garden chairs for the premium segment. the innovative netting loop delivers a highly comfortable seating experience while blending in perfect harmony with the lightweight frame structure. the possibility to look through the furniture from the side counteracts the often bulky appearance of wicker chairs. the havanna chairs and lounger appear light and are comfortable.

as is usual at the beginning of the development of a new series of furniture, there was a huge amount of sketches and drawings.

some initial sketches and drawings ... many more sketches and drawings ... thousand versions to extract the useful concepts ... extract the useful concepts to further explore them ...

from these drawings, useful concepts were extracted in several team meetings and were further explored. the different variations had to be proven with regard to their shape as well as to their manufacturability.

rendering of the frame structure of the havanna chair rendering of a half-naked havanna chair rendering of the havanna lounger

a great deal of this process takes place in the virtual world on the computer, but it is still necessary to test the findings in the real world by doing 1:1 mock-ups.

christina zwittag testing the inclination of a 1:1 mock-up of the havanna lounger christina zwittag trying a lazy chill-out position ... tom haberfellner testing to relax his mojito-holding hand ...

with these mock-ups we work to obtain the right dimensions for a lazy chill-out experience, with and without armrests. even with a drink in your hand it is a cosy place to relax.

the next round of 1:1 mock-ups ... christoph pauschitz critically testing a 1:1 mock-up

chief industrial designer and managing partner christoph pauschitz is critically testing the interim result.

the visual language of the havanna series transformed to an asola-shaped table ...

we transformed the visual language to the tables, too. although the proposed solution was not usable in terms of manufacturability within the designated costs, it was used as a benchmark for the compromise proposals.

all the elements of the family are perfectly tuned to each other

all the elements of the family are perfectly tuned to each other.

and finally: the solution

havanna chairs in platin/honey with a table havanna chairs in platin/darkbrown with a round table havanna lounger in platin/darkbrown with a side table detail of the looped mesh: FlexMesh, an elaborately spinned polyester fibre core covered with high-quality recyclable synthetics

bernhard kolouch, marketing director, acamp »havanna is one of the main products of our brand campalazzo, which is sold via specialist furniture retailers. the task of the entire brand communication is to differentiate the products sufficiently from those of our competitors, so that the brand and our own design are recognized as such in the medium run. in addition, it is a matter of doing justice to the claim of the campalazzo brand — ›living in paradise‹. both of these goals are attained in the havanna range. the havanna lounger is particularly appealing. with its generously-angled armrests, it invites you to stay for a while, or longer, and — with a mojito in your hand — to bring a caribbean holiday into your own garden. for a while at least, you can relax while in your thoughts you stroll down the malecon...«

bernhard kolouch

marketing director


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