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biovital perform — 50% market share right from the start!

biovital perform

package design for a tonic preparation



project lead:

christoph pauschitz

design team:

johanna forster,

rudolf greger,

christian rukower

there is a whole range of tonic preparations available under the biovital brand. in 2004 biovital wanted to extend the line with a new product aimed at 40+ customers, an quite unusual young group for this type of products. so they asked us to develop a package design to make members of this customer group try the new product.

we developed a new style, ignoring known motifs, and played with the lifestyle terms like »wellness« and »work-life-balance«. we transformed this into a subtle visual language, incorporating tai chi gestures. and it worked: people liked the motif and gave the product a try. the result was that biovital perform attained a marketshare of 50% right after product launch. in addition even the other biovital products [biovital classic, biovital aktiv] increased their market shares by 10—15% midyear 2005.

this proofs again: design is the motor of economic growth and GP is the turbo charger.

mag. thomas sütterlin, head of customer marketing, bayer healthcare »our co-operation with GP was very successful. i got to know them as extremely competent and creative partners. it is quite plain that the successful performance of biovital can be traced back to the eye catching and appealing package design. i absolutely warmly recommend this design consultancy firm.«

mag. thomas sütterlin

head of customer marketing

bayer healthcare / consumer care