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alfredo, sit comfortably!





project lead:

christoph pauschitz

design team:

philipp haselwander,

christoph pauschitz,

christian rukower

alfredo • the table

a chair needs a table. so we also designed the alfredo table. it has its own character but its visual language goes well with the one of the alfredo chair, they are family members. the table-leg is shaped to give a rest to ones foot.

the chair is probably the most designed object of our time. whether you are looking for a chair for use in the catering industry, for your home or garden, you can choose from a vast range of models to satisfy every taste. but, only a few are actually excellent chairs. why is this? at first sight it might seem easy to design a new chair — a manageable project, and not so complex one might think. but this first impression serves to deceive. to design a chair which looks nice, is comfortable to sit in and which is also cost-efficient to produce is in fact a real challenge. with alfredo we can show you how to deal with such a balancing act!

alfredo • the chair alfredo is a bistro chair for the cafes of this world. its international and unobtrusive character makes it predestined for use in the home as well. so that mediterranean holiday spirits accompany you onto your porch.

to focus the design process we applied our time-approved technique:

product motive charts for metal and icon were the guiding themes. our aim: a modern chair with wide public acceptance with high cost-efficiency in the production process.

cost-efficient production

the chosen production method: first — the preparation of a flat tube frame for seat and backrest. then, a correctly cut expanded metal grill combined with the frame through resistance welding.

alfredo • detail of the frame we took this production method into account from the beginning of the design process. the seat and backrest are based on a rectangle with slightly bent straights. this makes the shape somewhat more dynamic. the nearly straight lines of the frame allow a nearly straight cut of the grill. therefore, the fringe is approximate. this quiets down the shape and harmonizes the overall appearance.


the armrests deliberately abandon a curve. the arm can find only a short rest on curved armrest. that's why alfredo has straight armrests so that ones arms can rest in a relaxed posture.

the flat tube frame with the expanded metal grill is formed into a chair by specially designed presses. the shape of the frame is optimised so that it become an ideal seat shell. • folding the frame into the ideal seat shell alfredo • models the chair can be produced with or without armrests; the difference in price between the two versions is minimal.

the approach for the final design started with sketches and small models. we built different models to check our concepts. it was a dodgy task to find the optimal measurements and tilt angles. alfredo • 1:1-scale models using 1:1-scale seat models we checked the shape and its ergonomic correctness and finally found a comfortable shape. in combination with the elasticity of the expanded metal grill we made a chair for convenient sitting even for a longer period of time.

the chair looks modern and has achieved wide acceptance in the general public. its visual language is not as romantic as many of its competitors. alfredo appeals to people with a sense of aesthetics. alfredo • chair and table

mag. günter schwarzlmüller, head of marketing & product development, acamp »alfredo was presented to retailers this year for the first time. initially designed for the catering trade, it is equally adequate for use on a home balcony or terrace. the feedback on this nicely designed chair was extremely positive. in austria, this model is available at the retailers baumax, metro cc or möbel lutz — amongst others. additionally, alfredo sells very well in germany, switzerland and great britain. the expected sales run to 11—12.000 units.

in 2006, we will extend the alfredo product line by introducing several further trendy colours, i.e. anise-green, vanilla, bordeaux and sky blue — thereby boosting sales even further. alfredo sells for a retail price of approx. 49,— eur.«

mag. günter schwarzlmüller

head of marketing & product development


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