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client list
white paper #1 — "product design als strategisches tool" interaction architecture — what is user interface design — and why does it matter?
download pdf in german with 124kb
crs 955 — simply professional Siemens ePen™ — a remote control for hearing aids magic3 — how can i change my outgoing voicemail announcement? twinline — for artweger: shower & bathtub all in one champ — photovoltaic exterior light datastation — seven with one blow chairdrive — the drive-housing of a chair lift as an industrial product MINERVA — the product is the brand klimt series — freedom to music dpm 9600 — a tool for professionals mocca — assist, without taking over. a pilot project for fabasoft drain, kite and citroën ette — 3 out of 5 awards at the citroën c-design competition body+soul — a steam shower for the rest of us cargoo — interaction design speeds up the loading procedure of a closed double-decker car-carrier wagon UNIG-vision — a huge product design: station for ropeways with detachable chairs and gondolas
schönberg, webern, berg — high-end speaker system for vienna acoustics nest — more spinning fun at the playground acamp star — swing with character
TeleZone — an architecture for net architecture (ars electronica award) aonVirenchecker — complexity made easy alfredo — a comfortable chair for use in bistros and at home cityline top — for Artweger, high class, maximal transparency artweger seat — a soft seat for more comfort in wellness JANO — the evolution revolves with this dual bike float — new opening method emphasizes products character havanna — fresh. chill. lounge.
variodyn D1 — unmistakable even in the 19" rack: the new line of av digital k2 — an user- adaptable database client for trenkwalder waltz — high-end speaker for vienna acoustics oasis — concept study facultas — gut zu wissen biovital perform — 50% market share right from the start FRONT — a new approach for a musical interface cure — agent based financial self service system
inline — for artweger: designplus award for the new fresh design iPen — naturally interact with the digital world