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project lead:

christoph pauschitz

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the conlastic visual language

we developed a typical visual language to reflect the conlastic brand. all products have to speak this language. after we developed the new playground toys, we transformed this idea into conlastic products with their special appearance. our method allows every designer in our office to achieve this result.

design is communication.

design mediates the quality of a product.

and design transports the character of a company.

the visual language of the product portfolio shapes the public image of a company. with product design, we create distinguishable products which are easily recognizable and are linked to a brand. therefore, dedicated product design strengthens and expands the day-to-day market profile of a company. as the conlastic project clearly illustrates.

when we came into contact with conlastic in 1999, they were looking for a playground toy which also appealed to 8 to 12 year olds. something cool, which is fun to use, something challenging, maybe even a little bit risky — but certainly not dangerous. something to rock, to seesaw, something wild.

grass pole

we created the grass pole. the first prototypes were equipped with coil springs as is usual in the production of rocking toys. when we tested the functionality and abuse potential [e.g. by gangs or vandals], we realized that such long rods mounted on a coil spring can develop a whipping effect. that meant that the grass pole could be tense up and upon release; hit a child or adult standing nearby. we needed an alternative mechanical approach to achieve a safe, but fun rocking effect.

the backpacker on the grass

we found the solution in the field of railway technology where rubber tori are used for the bumpers of railway carriages. two types of tori are built into the rocking mechanism. they spring and absorb the child's movement — thus eliminating the whipping effect.

the grass pole is a big success — it is fun for children to use and therefore the local authorities and the playground carriers are satisfied. this makes our client happy — and us too.

karl müller, managing director, conlastic hans-jürgen schloemer, managing director, conlastic »in the year 1999 we started up together to develop, manufacture and distribute playground toys, created by GP. since then their innovative ideas have been increasingly warmly welcomed by our clients, urban and communal administrations as well as gardening and landscape architects. even middle and far-east customers are now on our client list.

GP's ideas feature not only distinctive attraction and added-value-design, but a redefinition of quality benchmarks for playing criteria. all our inquiries and needs regarding new toys are satisfied within shortest possible time spans and rapidly transformed into concepts and designs.

we are enjoying the cooperation, because we are convinced of having found a competent partner. the satisfaction and acknowledgement of our clients is an additional drive to follow this commonly selected path. we are looking forward to a continuation of fair partnership.«

karl müller & hans-jürgen schloemer

managing directors


even post-adolescents play the grass grass-roots on the street

the functionality of this rocking mechanism worked so well, that we developed a whole product family. always keeping the conlastic visual language in mind.

mylean/marlene/malehne at relaxing at a bus stop


a more adult variation is »malehne«, a back rest, which is used at bus and tramway stops for a little relaxation whilst waiting.


the dino was developed for more adventurous, pre-historic fun.

dino waiting for you in a garden riding the dino


the gentler model is the bean-sprout.

bean waiting ... bean riding ...

standing board

a contemporary interpretation of a rocking playground toy is the standing board. if used by two persons it converts into a tournament toy: who can hang on longer on this wobbly, unsteady surface?

you may sit on the standing board ... ... or do the twist together

log roll

children use the log roll to let off steam after school. even adults have a lot of fun with this toy. obviously it is also useful for them to reduce work stress.

let the steam off after school on the log roll ... ... or clasp before work ... or boot those seven miles high ... or dance the log away ... ... until you know why


of course we had many ideas about rotation, i.e. the nest: a retreat for secret meetings and an adventure capsule for racy rides. the nest is available in two sizes.

the nest of yours the nest of joy the nest of troy a waiting nest a nest no rest


what good is a playground without a sandpit? in the sandpit one has to dig. we developed a brand new approach for conlastic's sand fun: visually it's 100% conlastic, the spoon also acting as a learning instrument to illustrate the laws of leverage.

the ample spoon ... ... inspecting the dune


and where there is sand, there is a dune. the dune is a climbing surface as well as a sliding surface. again fully integrated in the visual language of conlastic. it seems that it is the ideal place to think about the world.

hiding dunes laurenes of dunes


the forest — a place for climbing and swinging creates — a fantastic contrast to the dune, and it trains coordination and strength.

forest detail forest detail forest detail forest detail