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body+soul series: high-end loudspeakers


modular steam shower system


artweger gmbh & co

project lead:

christoph pauschitz

design team:

lukasz bertoli,

christian rukower

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ever thought about not only cleaning the outside of your body but also regaining inner calmness at the same time?

the new body+soul by artweger is a new type of steam shower. not a hardly affordable wellness temple, but instead a steam shower for the rest of us. thanks to its modularity it is easily adaptable to the given budget.

GP accepted the challenge to provide a design for everyone.

moodboard »tooling the body« moodboard »feeding the mind« moodboard for the formal language moodboard for the formal language

we started from scratch by discussing the mood we were aiming for as a basic principle. a steam shower could be designed in the sense of »servicing the body« or »feeding the mind«. we went for the second one, »feeding the mind«, with a clear and tidy visual language — a soft appearance with rounded edges.

some first sketches

when it comes to wellness, there are endless numbers of ideas. usually the outcome of such brainstorming is huge, luxury temples; almost priceless products, affordable only by the well-heeled. we searched for a different approach.

from the first concept phase: »juno« from the first concept phase: »katsu« from the first concept phase: »geko«

to make the product affordable for a wider audience, we strove together with our client for a modular structure. it should be possible to have at basic steam shower, just using the steam function, and different possibilities to upgrade the product with an audio system, a light shower, a rain shower, etc. consequently, customers can order body+soul versions perfectly suited to their purses.

rendering of the basic steam shower version rendering of the top steam shower version

in the concept stage we played with different types of modules, one of which used boxes. these boxes should have a similar appearance for visual calmness. we checked out how they could be combined and simultaneously provide for comfortable usage of the steam shower. for that reason a mock-up was built out of corrugated cardboard and polystyrene and tested by our team members. the idea that emerged at that point was to create a good-looking basic model that could be upgraded to a full-blown, fancy steam-shower booth.

mock-up to define dimensions another mock-up to define dimensions

the mock-up also helped us to define the dimensions of the fixtures/components so that, on the one hand, two people can use the steam shower jointly and, on the other hand, body+soul can be installed on standard shower receptors.

moodboard for the visual appearance of the material moodboard for the visual appearance of the material

the haptic experience was carefully considered too so that it is in sync with the visual appearance. areas that will have skin contact were supposed to be soft. to obtain a high-class feeling, we decided to frame all the modules with a metal band. we thus reached one main milestone — the first prototypes were made by artweger and presented to selected plumbers, the customers of our client. this was the start of the in-depth-discussion.

first prototype by artweger of the basic steam shower version first prototype by artweger of the top steam shower version

the modular system was accepted enthusiastically. our first approach, to show the possibility to combine modules for the desired version of a steam shower, was mainly welcomed, but some plumbers felt that the top-version looks somewhat crowded. moreover, the question was whether we could provide the right price tag with that concept.

eventually we moved the light into the ceiling together with the audio system. that led to the next improvement to boost the feeling of comfort, a remote control for light and audio.

concept of the remote control: charger wallmounted concept of the remote control: charger mounted on top of the steam generator final concept of the remote control

in order to allow the combination of different modules and ensure the same appearance, the remote control is designed for two-sided use. one side to control the music, the other one to control the light conditions. if the customer/user orders just the audio module, one side of the remote control will not be used.

the illuminated steam shower with yellow light
the side of the remote control to change the music the side of the remote control to change the light

as it is state of the art, the user can put essential oils or herbs into the steam generator, but we improved the loading mechanism together with the engineers at artweger. for the first time, it is possible to change/fill this compartment even when the steam generator is already in use [i.e. if the user has forgotten to fill it with something good].

the loading mechanism for essential oils or herbs the steam generator

presented and launched at the ish 2009, body+soul received a warm welcome from the market and is now a cornerstone of artweger's design image.

body+soul, quarter-round shower, for 3 persons body+soul, quarter-round shower, for 2 persons body+soul, corner entry, for 1 person body+soul, niched, for 2 persons

franz gschwandtner, design and development, artweger gmbh & co »the development of a new steam shower was a challenging, but interesting task. as harmony between design, interaction and to feel fine is crucial, especially when it comes to wellness products, we have incorporated GP designpartners right from the very beginning of the project. together with the designers, we carried out a quality function deployment process, which brought essential inputs for the right visual language and the product concept. GP carried out a market research, too, and came back with myriads of remarkable design concepts. eventually one of these concepts absolutely convinced us and we had the good feeling, that with this steam shower concept, we are bang on target.

the official debut of body+soul at the frankfurt ISH 2009 was a complete success. artweger and GP have set another benchmark in the sanitary sector, again! body+soul captivates not only by its felicitous form factor, but also by its ease of handling and its mould-breaking innovation.«

franz gschwandtner

design and development

artweger gmbh & co

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