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multidisciplinary: industrial & interaction design

GP designpartners serves a wide range of companies in very different industry sectors. our clients are industry and consumer oriented manufacturers, software developers and providers of digital services. our work has resulted in the successful introduction of new products in highly competitive markets, our design portfolio includes consumer electronics, office, household- and kitchen, sanitary, garden and outdoor, toys and interaction design projects for the software and digital services industries.

industrial design

design consulting

our experts go to our clients on-site premises and make their knowledge available to them on half-day or full-day schedules.

design concepts

upon demand we can generate alternative design proposals for any given task, each optimised for the required target groups.

design detailing

we finalize design concepts based upon technical specifications for engineering and production in cooperation with product development departments. we assist up to the production start.

product updates

we adapt a given product to changing market demands.

interaction design

user research

in user interviews and observations we examine how the users of your product accomplish the everyday work which is critical to their interaction with your product.

user interface style guide

we conceive a body of rules for the promotion of consistent interaction and appearance of varying applications and products or a series, thereby incorporating brand values through interface design.

usability tests

we test and evaluate the usability of software in near real life situations and detect potentials for further development.

interaction design development

we design and optimise the user experience of products and services.


our multidisciplinary structure allows us to combine industrial design services with interaction design services; hence opening doors to new and innovative solutions in product experience. completely the new approaches are achieved by merging industrial, and interaction design with the intention to explore new interaction experiences with products, the goal: easy, comfortable product handling.

get close to design


we offer standardised design packages to ease discussion about design. GP123, GPplus, GPrefresh, GPexplore, and GPtargetcheck are made for a test drive of our design capabilities and to convince you of the quality we deliver.

rudolf greger


for further information please contact rudolf greger, industrial designer and managing partner.

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