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we make quality a visible attribute

GPenthusiasm is made of talent and commitment, of individualism and team-spirit. the core-competence of GP is a reflection of the capabilities of every single team-member as well as of the group as a whole.

we are keen to pick the right project-team for every project to foster fresh and individual approaches. the very core of every GPdesign is a strong idea — because only strong ideas can break through the veil of mediocrity and succeed in the market.

the design-enthusiasts of GP will rather burn the midnight oil to provide the best than showing up with a mediocre idea — and that's a promise!

clemens auer

clemens auer, dipl. ing. fh

industrial designer

, +43-1-523 35 98-13

born 1982, clemens graduated 2007 in industrial design at the university of applied sciences, fh joanneum, graz. he then earned some practical experiences by working self employed for clients like bp austria and xenon architectural lighting. finally in 2010 he joined the GP team.

»to me, design is about acting appropriately. i have always liked to create new things, you know ... doing that lego stuff, drawing, etc. i see myself as a problem solver, aiming to improve peoples life. that's why i did a dental treatment cart for my diploma thesis.«

lea-marie frank

lea-marie frank

marketing assistant

, +43-1-523 35 98-16

born 1984 in stuttgart, studies architecture since march 2008 at the university of technology, vienna. before that she worked for two years at poool filmdistribution, vienna. because of her interests and her affinity to design she is working at GP since february 2009.

»i am a victim of design: sooner or later it comes over you ... you can run but you cannot hide!«

tom haberfellner

tom haberfellner, dipl. ing.

interaction designer, managing partner

, +43-1-523 35 98-14

tom is an interaction designer and project manager at GP. he has been working in the field of user experience & interface design since 1996 and teaches multimedia at the university of technology, vienna as well as user centered design and usability at the university of applied sciences, vienna.

roland kaufmann

roland kaufmann, dipl. ing. fh

industrial designer

, +43-1-523 35 98-13

born 1975 in klagenfurt. higher technical school for electronic engineering. freelancer for avl list in fields of engine-design and development of electronic prototypes for aircrafts and passenger cars. electronic supervision at the engine test bench. attended lectures in mechanical and chemical engineering at the technical university graz. graduated july 2006 in industrial design at the university of applied sciences, fh joanneum, graz with the diploma thesis »JANO —a dual bike made of wood«, supported by GP.

christoph pauschitz

christoph pauschitz, mag. art.

industrial designer, managing partner

, +43-1-523 35 98-11

core areas of responsibility: industrial design and industrial interface design projects, client relations, team management [selection and leadership guidance of design team members].

christian rukower

christian rukower, dipl. designer fh

industrial designer

, +43-1-523 35 98-12

born 1973 in munich, graduated from the university of design in schwäbisch gmünd in 2002 and a member of the GP team since 2002 after having got to know the everyday life of being a designer during a half year internship at GP in 2000.

since 2005 he holds a teaching position for media design at the university of applied sciences in st. pölten.

'seri' sae kyoung an

'seri' sae kyoung an

industrial design intern

born 1983 in pyeongtaek, seri just has finished her first year of the master's degree in transportation design at the umeň institute of design in sweden. she had worked for a year at m&s meccamachine & style before she moved to europe. seri joined the GP team in october 2009.

»i am traveling and studying the world to learn differences.«

philipp divitschek

philipp divitschek

industrial design intern

born 1983 'someday, someplace', philipp graduated within the industrial design programme of the university of applied sciences, fh joanneum graz. since 2008 he is attending the master's programme in advanced product design at the umeň institute of design in sweden. at the moment philipp is taking a year off to get more professional experience.

leonhard reibmayr

leonhard reibmayr

industrial design intern

born 1980 in steyr, leonhard was awarded a bachelor's degree in industrial design from the university of applied sciences northwestern switzerland [formerly »fachhochschule aargau«, fha] in 2008. leonhard worked next to his courses as an intern for the design & engineering company and as a freelancer for break/through innovation. in 2010 he will graduate with a master of arts in design at the university of applied sciences northwestern switzerland [formerly »fachhochschule beider basel«, fhbb]. in november 2009 he joined the GP team.

»designing for me is not even a job, it is ambition. i like variety, respect responsability, love creativity and i am always open for new inputs.«

GP design associates

jürgen spangl, dipl. ing, dr.

ultimate frisbee player. traveller. sexy beast.

currently in sydney. ux consultant. well, and former managing partner at GP designpartners.

read his doctoral thesis entitled »the catalyst kit — encouraging collaboration and design thinking in interactive systems development«.

peter purgathofer, ao. univ. prof.

designer and design researcher

assistant professor at the design and assessment institute of the renowned university of technology, vienna, and heads the institute's user interface design-lab. for fifteen years now, his uid activities have been situated in science, practice and arts.

georg lauteren, mag. phil.

digital media researcher and designer, audio producer. founding member of the "association for experimental data processing []". runs the trust record label.

maximum effort, maximum enthusiasm

successful designers convince by the quality of ideas and their above average commitment to them. GP-designers are design enthusiasts; they deliver only the best, they exploit every task to the utmost.