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GPalumni: we have been here

designers are members of a worldwide tribe. they like to meet their peers — to talk about design and life and design and love and design and ...

GP has always been a kind of a pivot for young designers and is keen to keep in touch with former interns as well as cultivating cooperations with international universities and colleges in the design field.

design is about people and communication.

GP is happy to provide the platform for this on several occasions. we are proud that even our short-time team members, who came for doing an internship or diploma/thesis-project or for an exhibition-event continue to stay connected to GP in a very special way. and to share an open secret: getting in touch with GP might shift your favourite colour forever.

klemens schillinger

klemens schillinger, di (fh) [austria]

industrial designer: spring–autumn 2009

claudia ciarpella

claudia ciarpella [italy]

industrial design intern: summer 2009

elisabeth scharf

elisabeth scharf [austria]

marketing assistant: spring–summer 2009

patrick nally

patrick nally [usa]

industrial design intern: spring–summer 2009

ruedee sarawutpaiboon

ruedee sarawutpaiboon [thailand]

industrial design intern: spring 2009

jürgen spangl

jürgen spangl, dipl. ing. dr. [austria]

interaction designer, managing partner: fall 2004–spring 2009

mo junyuan

mo junyuan [china]

industrial design volunteer: winter 2008

chao wang

chao wang [china]

interaction design intern: fall/winter 2008

lukasz bertoli

lukasz bertoli, dott. [italy]

industrial designer: fall 2004–fall 2008

francesco costacurta

francesco costacurta, dott. [italy]

industrial designer: spring 2007–fall 2008

augustina sarpong

augustina sarpong [great britain]

industrial design intern: fall 2007–fall 2008

gert hasenhütl

gert hasenhütl, mag. dr. [austria]

applied design research for acquisition and strategic product development: fall 2008

chansong park

chansong park [south korea]

industrial design intern: summer 2008

christian stanek

christian stanek, mag. art. [austria]

industrial designer, senior design manager: spring 2007–spring 2008

elisabeth schindler

elisabeth schindler [austria]

assistant to the executive board: summer 2007–spring 2008

alexander gilbert pichler

alexander gilbert pichler [austria]

industrial design intern: autumn 2007

shao wei huang

shao wei huang [taiwan]

industrial design intern: summer 2007

peter van meir

peter van meir [netherlands]

industrial design intern: spring 2007

beatrice schmidt

beatrice schmidt [austria]

assistant to the executive board: fall 2006

sonja waskan

sonja waskan [austria]

interaction design intern: winter 2005/spring 2006

interaction design graduand: summer 2006

graduated fall 2006 with »emotional podcasting — eine medienrevolution und ihre auswirkungen am beispiel eines services für mobiltelefone«, supported by GP

alexander kampmann

alexander kampmann [germany]

industrial design intern: fall/winter 2006

julian pröll

julian pröll [austria]

industrial design intern: fall 2006

nina haberlehner

nina haberlehner [austria]

assistant to the executive board: summer 2006

roland kaufmann

roland kaufmann [austria]

industrial design intern: februar 2004 and summer/fall 2004

graduated summer 2006 with »JANO — a dual bike made of wood«, supported by GP

joined the GP-team in september 2006

nicholas jenkins-smith

nicholas jenkins-smith [great britain]

industrial design intern: summer 2006

peter petendi

peter petendi [germany]

industrial design intern: fall/winter 2005

christina zwittag

christina zwittag [austria]

industrial design intern: summer/fall 2005

chris luke butcher

chris luke butcher [great britain]

industrial design intern: spring/summer 2005

aleix inglès elias

aleix inglès elias [spain]

industrial design intern: spring/summer 2005

lukasz bertoli

lukasz bertoli [italy]

industrial design intern: spring/summer 2004

joined the GP-team fall 2004

pontus unger

pontus unger [sweden]

industrial design intern: spring/summer 2004

kenny darmadji

kenny darmadji [indonesia]

industrial design intern: fall/winter 2003

manuel gattinger

manuel gattinger [austria]

industrial design intern: fall 2003

karolina dabrowski

karolina dabrowski [austria]

industrial design intern: summer/fall 2003

denton koenderink

denton koenderink [netherlands]

industrial design intern: spring/summer 2003

philipp haselwander

philipp haselwander [austria]

industrial design intern:fall/winter 2002

industrial design GPsummerinternship: 2003

graduated spring 2004 with »FRONT — a new musical interface«, supported by GP

hermann trebsche

hermann trebsche [austria]

industrial design intern: fall 2002

frank rettenbacher

frank rettenbacher [austria]

industrial design GPsummerinternship: 2002

raimund klausegger

raimund klausegger [austria]

industrial design intern: fall/winter 2001

industrial design GPsummerinternship: 2002

irina stollberger

irina stollberger [austria]

industrial design intern: fall/winter 2001

daniel zeisner

daniel zeisner [austria]

industrial design intern: spring/summer 2001

graduated spring 2003 with »oasis — nature experience vehicle«, supported by GP

martin schnitzer

martin schnitzer [austria]

industrial design intern: fall/winter 2000

nathalie dietrich

nathalie dietrich [austria]

graphic design intern: summer 2000

doris bölck

doris bölck [germany]

industrial design intern: spring/summer 2000

christian rukower

christian rukower [germany]

industrial design intern: spring/summer 2000

joined the GP-team summer 2002

want to be a GPintern?

if you want to find out more about how it feels to become a member of the orange tribe take a deeper look into it. explore what it could mean to you and your career as a design enthusiast.

the GPteam tobogganing in december 2005

julian pröll »at GP i had the opportunity to work on projects independently and there was no feeling of intern-status. i was completely on a par with all other designers, so my arguments and proposals were treated with the same authority, too.

the open, friendly loft, the huge working space and the really convenient working atmosphere affect the creativity in a very positive sense. the unrestrained exchange of ideas was among the order of business and in this way a lot of unique ideas were born.

the fast and effective project-approach was really instructive for me. a multiplicity of sketches and outlines were generated, discussed, challenged and persecuted very quickly — but always attaching great importance to the high degree of creative quality.

having worked in one of the leading austrian design consultancies in vienna, a town with lots of opportunities, is definitely an enrichment for my experiences.

therefore i would like to thank GP for providing a look behind the scenes of an excellent design consultancy.

julian pröll

industrial design intern at GP: fall 2006

christina zwittag »from the beginning onwards, i was heartily welcomed in the team and accepted as part of the group with the same value. i always had the feeling, that my ideas and efforts were appreciated and taken seriously. the colleagues supported me at any time, if i had a question or did not know how to work on.

one of the main reasons, why i felt so good, was the amicable and unconstrained climate amongst everyone. another very positive aspect was, that i could work on so many different projects and had the great chance to deal with the whole design process from the beginning to the end.

for me as a person and my experiences as a prospective designer, the time at GP designpartners was very important and i would never want to miss it.

if i had to find 5 words to describe the time at GP designpartners best, i would decide for: varied, exciting, interesting, harmonious and unconstrained.

christina zwittag

industrial design intern at GP: summer/fall 2005

in 2007 christina won the joseph binder award with her diploma thesis »the ritz«, a specially designed bivouac.

nina haberlehner »henry ford once said: 'coming together is a beginning. keeping together is progress. working together is success.'

on route with the designpartners one realizes inevitably that this closely connected, and practiced team has been successfully working together for a long time now. aside from the harmonic exchange of opinions and experiences, the fruit yielding communication and the open invitation for suggestions, improvements and ideas an abiding creative and helpful environment cares for an inspiring, efficient, aiming and balanced cooperation leaving room for intense thriving of your own form, your personal timbre.

i hardly ever got to see and was part of such a well-rehearsed, cordial team. not only has GP designpartners cut a strong and success driven path along the road of industrial and interaction design, they also give prove of their ability of visionary and imaginative creation by having coined a clear structured and perfectly shaped consortium.

with a better and user-friendlier team-interface and a well-designed, urban and invaluable working group they rise above the others. it was an absolute pleasure being part of their flight of fancy.«

nina haberlehner

assistant to the executive board with customer relations, market research and marketing as main areas of responsibility: summer 2006

nicholas jenkins-smith »although the team is small, there is a great sensibility for an international culture and tolerance for all ideas within the group. from the very beginning my integration into the GP design machine was very smooth and through the guidance of the team i not only contributed to a large portion of the design projects but was encouraged to enhance my skills and develop my talents.

it has been a pleasure to work with such a warm and dynamic group of individuals who collectively are responsible for some great projects. GP designpartners is a great environment for a young designer to grow.«

nicholas jenkins-smith

industrial design intern at GP: summer 2006

download nicholas' report about his intership at GP [pdf, 204kb, english]

aleix ingles »the company is small enough to meet all the employees as friends at the end. i was working in the product design department, even though there are only two departments. the other department is interaction design. my task were always really interesting and fulfilling my interests.

i really like the approach they have, and even more respect for all kind of ideas. they liked to have crazy ideas as well as manufacture wise approaches. they treated me from the beginning as someone that could offer them ideas and they treated me perfectly. we had a great relation since the beginning.«

aleix ingles

industrial design intern at GP 18.04.—18.09.2005

download aleix' report about his intership at GP [pdf, 1.1mb, english]